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Over 3800 Trees planted so far

We couldn’t make the quality cider we do if it wasn’t for all that nature provides us, so we nurture and maintain a multitude of rich habitats for the local wildlife to thrive!

Our apples can only thrive if the environment around them does too, which is why we maintain our woodland whilst leaving space for nature: letting hedgerows, grass and wildflowers grow.

Discover all the species we have found on the farm here!


Developing our wetland habitit

Being Cornish we have a great affinity to the sea and the rivers that connect us to it.

We use water from our local spring to float our apples into our press.

To give back, we have created a wetland providing a reed bed habitat for all sorts of critters, including: dragonflies, damselflies, frogs, toad, newts, the occasional deer and nesting duck.

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Giving Homes to Bees & Swallows

One of our biggest allies are the hard working bees who pollinate our apple trees; without them there would be no cider. We plant wildflowers and build boxes to give them food and shelter.

And let's not forget our emblem, the swallow! They arrive every year as the apples start to blossom. We give a safe home to them and other avian friends to raise their young in our outbuilding.

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