A warm welcome for Fifteen’s latest ‘Cohort 14’ Trainees

A warm welcome for Fifteen’s latest ‘Cohort 14’ Trainees

On Friday 8th November, Fifteen’s latest group of Cohort 14 Trainees and their Training and Development Chef Karl Jones visited Cornish Orchards for their annual product sourcing trip to get a better understanding of our ciders and how they can be used to pair with certain foods.

Fifteen’s Trainee Chef started their visit with a private tour of the 140 acres of countryside surrounding Cornish Orchards led by Head Cider Maker Chris Newton, who introduced the Trainee chefs to the history of the farm, the apple varieties we grow and an exciting look into the world of cider-making.

The iconic restaurant Fifteen Cornwall is located overlooking Watergate Bay in Newquay and offers a unique blend of Italian influenced cuisine cooked up by a team led by Head Chef Adam Banks, who works very closely with trusted local suppliers in and around Cornwall whose passion and dedication shines through in the innovative dishes he creates. All proceeds from Fifteen Cornwall go to its registered charity, Cornwall Food Foundation and together they manage Jamie Oliver’s award-winning Training Programme.

This trip has become an annual agenda point for the Fifteen Trainee Chefs as it gives them the chance to meet our cider team, learn more about the cider-making processes and to gain a much better understanding into the close relationship between cider and food.

The tour concluded with a tasting and food pairing session where both Chris and Karl used their expertise in flavours to select the best cider to pair with their prepared food choices. It was down to the trainee chefs to decide if the cider choice was the right one really putting our experts and trainees to the test. 

The food included a lovely creamy burrata (which is a creamy mozzarella cheese made from fresh Italian cow milk and cream), which was served with cooked plum and sprinkled almonds. This was paired with our Vintage cider due to the acidity in the cider which really helped to cut through the creamy, rich flavours in the dish.

The other foods included cannellini beans, softened in vegetable stock and cooked with garlic, rosemary and basil, served on toasted sourdough; this was paired with our Gold cider to balance the dish with crisp, green apple flavour harnessing the perfect level of sweetness and acidity bringing both the dish and the cider to life in a unique way.

To conclude, the team served up warmed honey cake with an apple compote which we paired with our limited-edition honey cider; produced in collaboration with the Eden Project earlier this year. An easy choice! This was the perfect pairing as the delicate honey in the cider really helped to boost the honey flavour in the cake with the tart apple compote then balancing the sweetness of the honey cake and the cider.

Thank you to the Fifteen Cornwall team for taking the time out of the kitchen to visit us, and we hope you all enjoyed your time on the farm and tasting the products that pair so well with your beautifully prepared food.

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14th November 2019

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