Hedgerow Cider: An adventure for the senses

Hedgerow Cider: An adventure for the senses

This time last weekend, we invited a small group of cider lovers to Kudhva in Tintagel to enjoy a nature-filled hedgerow adventure weekend.

Hedgerow cider, launched in April 2019, was developed by our Head Cider Maker Chris Newton and his team of budding cider makers, Gary, Finn and Ben. They wanted to develop a cider inspired by the wild fruits that grow around our farm in Duloe, Cornwall. After an intensive flavour profiling exercise, they decided on blackberries and sloes which they felt best represented the wild fruits of our Cornish countryside.

Taking this wonderful cider as the inspiration, the Hedgerow Adventure was a chance for people to escape their day-to-day busy lives and to take time out to enjoy nature. Kudhva was the perfect partner to deliver this. Surrounded by an old tin mine and built within an ever-changing landscape, Kudhva offers architectural hideouts to help people get off the grid for a well-deserved digital detox.

Recently featured in Cabin Porn by Zach Clein (Co-founder of Vimeo and author of internationally renowned Cabin Porn books), each Kudhva was designed to stand above the ground on wooden legs overlooking the rugged landscape and to work with the wonderful natural environment that surrounds it.

An introduction to nature

Our adventurers were welcomed at Kudhva on Friday night with a sparkling glass of our Westnorth Manor cider. On the Saturday, the Hedgerow Adventure was kicked off with a foraging session led by the team at Beautiful and The Feast to introduce everyone to the wild ingredients that are found in the hedgerows around Kudhva. The team discussed responsible foraging which included some safety tips on what not to pick, what to look out for and where to find these ingredients. The weather held off and we ended up foraging a wonderful selection of beautiful wild red berries, sloes, and some heather which was used to smoke the trout fish starter later that day.

Once back at camp, our Head Cider Maker Chris invited everyone to a tasting session around the campfire to try a few of the ciders in our range including Dry, Farmhouse, Blush, Hedgerow, Heritage and Gold. Chris gave an insight into tasting notes and flavours of each cider, the apple varieties used and an introduction to our brand and the cider-making process including how we work with nature and the cool Cornish Winter temperatures to impart maximum flavour and character to our ciders.

Let the foraged feast begin

After a delightful tasting session, the foraged 3-course feast began. The menu was decided by Craig and Will at Beautiful and The Feast who cooked everything fresh on the day, with help from their Sous Chef Harry, using some elements used from the foraged fayre.

Each course was paired with one of our Cornish ciders chosen by Chris.

Starter - The feast started with heather smoked chalk stream trout, cooked using the smoker, and chargrilled fennel with a sloe berry vinegar. This course was paired with our Dry cider as its long, soft, crisp finish brings the perfect level of character and acidity to complement any fish dish.

Main – The main course included cider-braised pork belly with smoked crème fraiche charred hispi cabbage and turnip tops. For this course, Chris paired our Farmhouse cider as the bold, full apple flavoured cider offered the perfect balance of sweetness to work harmoniously with this salty, smokey, pork dish.

Dessert – The meal finished with a cobnut chocolate brownie with whipped ricotta and cider-soaked pear dust which of course was paired with the star of the show, our Hedgerow cider which is bursting full of natural berry flavours and a mature mouthfeel – the perfect partner for rich chocolatey desserts.

Time to chill out and relax

Aside from the wonderful feast, foraging and cider tasting, they were encouraged to spend their free time exploring. Some of our pairs ventured to Tintagel castle which is not far from Kudhva, some were brave enough to go wild swimming in the local lake, and of course we cannot forget the wooden hot tub – heated by wood and overlooking the stunning Tintagel landscape with a few Cornish ciders to help soak up the atmosphere.

This weekend was the perfect celebration of Hedgerow cider and the season that inspired it with a combination of great food, wonderful scenic views, delicious Cornish cider and terrific company. We hope this weekend was a true escape for our guests and we thank everyone who was involved in making the weekend one to remember. Hopefully, this has inspired you to venture out to the Cornish countryside to explore nature and its wonders for yourself.

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Here are some lovely images from the weekend...



4th November 2019

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