Proud of our apple origins

Proud of our apple origins

It’s no secret (or at least we hope not) that we only use 100% freshly pressed apples in our ciders at Cornish Orchards. As such, apple harvest season (mid-September – late November) is the only time we can source and press our fruit ready for next year’s ciders.

We love keeping things local, but it all comes down to quality which is and always will be at the top of our minds. Sourcing the best apples from other farmers is one of the ways we make sure we have enough freshly pressed juice every year to make enough cider for everyone to enjoy all year round.

Alongside the apples we harvest here in Duloe, we have built great relationships with larger apple farmers across the South West over time who never disappoint in the fruit they provide. Being able to select the best fruit from a range of growers across the region (Devon, Somerset, Herefordshire etc), means we have enough apples to blend creating the full-bodied, well-rounded ciders people have come to love from us.

But where possible we like to use local apples in our products and one way we can do this, is with our local apple delivery scheme where every year we pay people from around Cornwall for their surplus apples.

Local Apple Delivery

Our local apple delivery is a scheme has been around since the beginning of Cornish Orchards and welcoming the local community onto our farm has become one of the highlights of our year.

The scheme works by paying people to bring their surplus apples to us rather than let them go to waste. We’ve had people come by to offer up a bucket, bag or crate-load.  We then pay a fair price (for their best fruit – we don’t accept any rotten fruit, naturally) and give them a discount in our shop for afterward.

The scheme not only helps to reduce waste of perfectly good fruit, but it also helps us put money back into our local community and today is the first day where we open the gates to greet some familiar faces, as well as meeting those who are new to the scheme. 

At the end of the apple harvest season, we invite a small selection of these apple growers back to the farm for a tour to see first-hand how their apples are being used in the making of our cider and to quiz our cider team on the cider-making process. This is something we look forward to as it gives us a chance to show thanks by demonstrating how we put their apples to good use.

Made in Cornwall

But what do we do with all these apples?

Well once in, all apples are pressed here on our farm in Duloe to be fermented and then hand-blended by our team of Cider makers following a period of maturation which allows the natural, full flavour of our ciders to develop.

That’s where the Cornish weather plays a masterful part…

At Cornish Orchards we do not believe in forced fermentation, using temperature-controlled technology. Instead by working harmoniously with the seasons using the cool, ambient temperatures of Cornwall’s winter months, we achieve a healthy fermentation which imparts maximum flavour and adds character to the cider.

So, in that sense, you could say our ciders are made by Cornwall, not just in Cornwall!

If you would like to learn more about our local apple delivery scheme and to get involved, please contact our customer care team on 01503 269007 – or email them at



17th September 2019

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