Head Cider Maker brings award-winning Keeved cider to Cornish Orchards

Head Cider Maker brings award-winning Keeved cider to Cornish Orchards

Well done to our very own Master of Craft Head Cidermaker Chris Newton who walked away from last week’s SWECA (Southwest England Cider Makers Association) meeting with 2 awards: Gold in the medium sweet category & Champion Cider 2019 for his Keeved variety cider.

This coming together of the cider industry aims to drive improvement and share knowledge with some of the best cider makers in the industry. External parties are invited to present on matters of interest/importance within the industry for the benefit of better standards and awareness throughout.

Chaired by Andy Atkinson and Bob Chaplin, this annual event was attended by 50 of the South West's finest cidermakers of all shapes and sizes.

Last summer, Chris travelled to France where he was able to taste and learn all about Keeving. Keeving is a traditional French method of cider making where the cider apples (preferably of a tannic nature) are harvested from mature orchards and left to fully ripen. This is a heavily labour intensive process which involves milling the fruit apples to create a pulp which is then left to macerate (brown) creating a natural fermentation process. 

Using this new found knowledge, Chris worked with his enthusiastic team of budding cider-makers, to create what is now an award-winning Keeved cider.

For Chris, coming away from the awards with a win, was an exceptional double accolade. He added: ‘to have achieved this with Andy Atkinson as the current Chairman, makes it extra special for me as he has been my mentor and friend on this journey for eight years which I now get to pass on to my team. A very proud moment!’


1st April 2019

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