Celebrate in style with our new Westnorth Manor Farm Cider

Celebrate in style with our new Westnorth Manor Farm Cider

It has been a year in the making of our Westnorth Manor Cider which is now available to purchase.

Westnorth Manor Cider is a lightly sparkling, dry, biscuity celebratory cider with 6.4% ABV that we produced with Camel Valley Wines. This cider has been finished using the traditional method of bottle fermentation using apples instead of grapes with over ten varieties of rare Cornish apples that have been harvested by hand, straight from our Westnorth Orchards.

Crafted by the finest cider-makers in the Méthode Classique Tradition, Westnorth Manor has been made with the utmost care and perfection combining methods to create a product that reflects the passion and delicacy that go into our products. This product has been fermented for six months and is very pale in colour due to the low level of tannins used.

Launched at the Great Cornish Food Store during a recent Cider Masterclass that was held for their loyalty card holders with our Head Cider Maker Chris Newton alongside their Head Chef Nik Tinney. This is our very first retail outlet in Cornwall. From the afternoon, we discovered that the Westnorth Manor Cider paired perfectly with Hummus on crostini.

This exceptional cider is perfect for weddings and special occasions served chilled in champagne glasses. The bottle comes with a cork cap, in a secure box with an outer sleeve which has the map of the South West.

Westnorth Manor is now available to purchase in our farm cider shop and through our website’s online shop.

19th July 2018

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