Beat the winter blues with our Wassail Mulled Cider

Beat the winter blues with our Wassail Mulled Cider

Our antidote to the winter blues: Wassail Mulled Cider!

The days are short, the evenings are chilly, and we've been well and truly lashed by Storm Angus…there’s only one thing for it: a warming mug of Wassail Mulled Cider!

Now we may be biased, but a mug of aromatic Wassail is a definite highlight for us at this time of year. Deliciously fruity with a subtle blend of hand-mixed spices, it’s best enjoyed on long winter nights with good food and good company. We recommend drinking it from one of our stylish enamel mugs, now sold exclusively from our Farm Shop in Duloe.

Wassail Mulled Cider is available in our authentic 500ml and 1l cider flagons, or in 5l and 20l bag-in-boxes for the true cider enthusiast!

We haven’t forgotten our younger customers and those wishing to avoid alcohol either – our Mulled Apple Juice is hand-crafted by our expert team to create a sumptuous soft drink every bit as irresistible as our cider.  

For the best Wassail experience, simply heat the cider or Mulled Apple Juice in a pan over a medium heat, being careful not to let it boil. After a few minutes it will reach the optimum temperature of 45c. Pour into your enamel mugs, garnish with a slice of fresh orange, and enjoy!

25th November 2016

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